What Next For SEO?

Roughly 90% of the owners of businesses that I have spoken to relate that they have paid quite a bit of money to a provider of SEO services or another form of Internet Marketing service provider, yet has received very little results. And we are not talking about just a small amount of money either, but in many cases very large amounts of money that has had little to no effect as far as results.

(In order to be perfectly fair, however, this is not only the case for attempts at Internet marketing. The Yellow Pages still do have very heavy charges for their advertising for their ads in the phone book, and the only result is that you are targeted by salespeople all day long.)

I am aware of many business people who paid a great deal of money, sometimes in the thousands for Search Engine Optimization, and their websites never came close to being on the first page of the search engines. It is extremely common for a business to pay a small amount for services that are of no real value – this is a very common occurrence. I have also observed circumstances where an entire list of services have been promoted and a lot of neat bells and whistles happened, but when it came to the bottom line, there was no extra income in their bank account. There are certainly many ways in the SEO world to waste your money.

It makes me sad to see this happen to anyone! Business people are very vulnerable in this area, and they are being taken advantage of by unscrupulous moneygrabbers who take money that is needed to successfully run the business. It is inexcusable for these opportunists to rob these innocent business people who provide goods and services to their community being hoodwinked into buying services that sound good, yet are not able to provide one iota of promised results. These businesses depend upon honesty, and yet they are talked into buying a concept by a Dublin SEO company that really doesn’t care about the outcome, and doesn’t have a care if it doesn’t work.

It is very understandable why most owners of businesses are highly doubtful that the schemes of many of the supposed “Dublin Experts in SEO” will actually prove to be of any value at all. Skepticism should be the order of the day! They are constantly receiving calls, visits and emails from these people who propose to have the latest solution to all of their online needs, yet very seldom has any of it proven to be real. The conflicting information that the average business owner receives from these people is amazing, and it seems that all these people have to offer to business people is a mirage.

A small businessperson has a lot at stake, and there is really no extra money in most cases, to lose on hairbrained schemes having to do with an SEO plan that doesn’t work. Instead of bringing more business in the door, most of these plans have marched profits out the door. Don’t allow these so called “experts” talk you in to something foolish.

This is why I come to you offering only proven results, as I am totally immersed in the fine points of this field. I live the SEO technique day and night, and I think about it all of the time. I would encourage you to review the following items when you are thinking about using the internet to promote your business.


First of all a good SEO company should be able to show you results, BEFORE you spend any money on such an effort so that you know that it really does work. You must identify your keywords and establish the niche in which you want to target. Once the campaign is underway, you should be able to measure the number of your customers that enter your business as a result of the SEO effort that has been set into motion. Otherwise, you won’t know if your investment is doing any good or not. It is possible to rank on the first page of a search engine, but no one is looking on that page.

You must find out what your customers are search for before you do anything else, and then gear your efforts in optimizing that desire, so that an “exact match” search will find those people. For example if you want to sell bird feeders in Dublin, you need to target your efforts so that when people in Dublin type “Dublin bird feeders” into the search engine, they find you on the first page. This is the only way you will get results, and it must be measurable for you.